Unissued 1942 vintage 7.62x54r caliber (round as hex receiver production stopped in 1939) Izzy Mosin Nagant 91/30 w Factory Installed Sniper Bolt. These are the real deal, and a piece of history. I have one remaining 1942 with a really great factory trigger for $270. It's in Very Good condition. Repeat... this is NOT an EX-SNIPER RIFLE, and NO WELDED HOLES IN RECEIVER. The bolt is arsenal installed and (stamped) numbered to match the rifle. Bit that doesn't mean it won't shoot straighter than an arrow.,

Real Soviet Sniper bolts run between $79 & $99, so this price is a great deal. Each rifle has stamped matching bolt and action serial numbers... bolt is not electro penciled. These both have force matched butt plate & magazine serials. Re-arsenaled by Soviets. Rifle comes with a bayonet, sling and ammo pouch.

Some have asked if I'd sell the bolt, or trade for the common straight bolt... sorry no bolt trading as this bolt is head spaced with this rifle, and makes it worth much more being matching serial numbers with the receiver.
Payment must be in the form of US Postal Money Order ONLY. Shipping cost will be fixed at $30 and sent "UPS".

Call David @ REDACTED with your questions. Local NC Residents can pick up in Morehead City