FS/TRADE is officially a PISTOL Its really neat 8 shot capacity and is in nice shape like new just test fired Please understand I don't have to sell I just purchased a new Henry 357 so Iam just considering selling so "PRICE IS FIRM" if you fell its too high that's fine don't buy it try to find one cheeper and if you do great for you. Might be interested in trading for a Vaquaro or Blackhawk in 357 or 44Mag or a 686 or tracker in 357 only or a AK47 OR SKS(With clips) or a 10/22 in STAINLESS or modified looking for straight trade but can ad cash if you have something really nice That would be the only trades Id be interested in !!!!!!!!! NOTHING ELSE !!!!! AND PLEASE BE ABLE TO EMAIL PICTURES OF TRADE OFFER Iam not a FFL so I cannot ship will have to meet in person PLEASE NO TEXT CALLS CANNOT ANSWER THEM CALL Dave @ REDACTED or 865=774-5899