Inland receiver, Underwood 1944 barrel. Everything is correct as far as I know and all parts are original USGI (except for a Wolff spring kit I installed for reliability….original springs included in package). Oiler and sling, extra flip safety (I prefer the crossbolt type, so that's what's on there now), barrel wrench, spare extractor, firing pin, 5 op rod springs and some other parts, USGI repro case, 19 magazines, 10 or so stripper clips with spoons and around 1800 rounds of ammunition (Aguila, WWB, LC, misc). Also included is around 1200 pieces of brass (279 of it is new unprimed Remington and around 250-300 is 1x or 2x fired and primed), 1000 Remington 110g FMJ bullets, 200 Remington 110g JSP bullets and a set of RCBS carbide dies with shell holder (I think they’re new). This is a great shooting little rifle that has served me well, but it's been supplanted by a levergun that I shoot more often. It has been well taken care of and shows it for being 65+ years old. I'd like to trade for silver bullion or possibly older pistol-caliber Marlin leverguns. I'd sell the whole package for $2000.