TNW ASR (Aero Survival Rifle) (9mm, 40, 45) Extended charge handle or cocking handle.

Are you tired of the short charging handle that came on your new ASR 9mm, 45 or 40 rifle?

Does your hand need a bit more to grab onto while cocking your rifle?

Does your original cocking handle pinch your little finger?

Does your original handle scratch or wear the coating off the upper body?

Well, I'm offering a new extended length charging/cocking handle.

These handles are made one at a time from steel (not pot metal) and then case hardened for wear resistance.

They offer a longer gripping length and slightly more room between the handle and the upper surface so it wont rub and wear or gall the upper.

These have been made to within .1 of an oz. of the factory original handle.

Each handle has been tested for fit, form and function.

As you can see in the first photo, only about half the pinky finger is on the factory handle. This puts the skin very close to the upper while racking that first round and giving the chance to pinch.

Notice in the second photo how the entire finger is on the handle and is comfortably enough away from upper to prevent pinching.

Again, these are made one at a time so I have a limited supply of these. Get-em while they're available.