What we have here is the first, purpose built, PDW (personal defense weapon). Easier to shoot for undertrained support personnel and NCOs, it was issued in place of the 1911.
This complete package has ammo, magazines and this Iver Johnson carbine, even includes
GI style flashhider (not pictured).
This was to be my wife's survival rifle, but she had severe traffic accident and won't be able to carry and shoot it.
Package deal, won't separate.
100 rds Remington FMJ
400 rds Tula FMJ
30 rds Winchester SPHP
10- 30 rd Mags
4- 15 rd Mags
Iver Johnson 1941-1991 50th Anniversary M1 Carbine .30 cal
This weapon even has the bayonet lug and GI style detachable flashider/break
Muzzle is threaded 1/2x28 for silencer/suppressor.

Asking $1000.

417-eight five eight-266 nine
private seller