Russian SKS Wood Stock w/ gas tube cover w/butt plate (cut for a blade bayonet) $75

SKS original stock w/gas tube cover, w/butt plate (for spike bayonet) $65

Yugo SKS wood stock w/butt plate (for gernade launcher) VGC $75

2 - ATI sks stock Like New w/gas tube cover (Black color) $65

4= New 30rd SKS magazines $22 each

6 YUGO SKS original Slings $10 each

10 SKS oil container $10 each

2 SKS Butt Plate and Door $10 each

8 YUGO SKS original bore snake $4 each

AK Bakolite Bayonet with sheath $35

4 steel AK47 30rds mags $25 each