Winchester Model 70 DBM Sporter 30-06
Sale or trade on Remington 750 prefered, or 7400 in 30-06 caliber only.
Model 70 has been used to hunt with and has only minor scratches (nothing deep,and very few),absolutely no rust,and only one place approx 2 inches on underneath barrel near stock that bluing is worn thin/off by an ATV gun rack, see photo. I'll stick with a gun boot thank you! Includes scope rings only but if interested at additional value the scope is an orginal Redfield produced in Colorado. It is a 2x7 widefield with multiplex reticle and has been competely gone over by Gunsite Company of Oklahoma. Cost 65 dollars for the inspection/repairs. I have ended up with all my hunting guns being Remington Autos.
Sale rifle without scope for 440.00
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