SELLING MY SAVAGE 99A IN .358 WIN. HARD TO FIND CAL. RIFLE IS IN GREAT SHAPE, METAL WOULD RATE WELL OVER 95+%, STOCK HAS HAD A CRACK REPAIR ON THE RIGHT SIDE, RECEIVER TO WRIST , AM PUTTING A NEW LIMBSAVER RECOIL PAD ON. THIS IS THE ONLY 99 THAT CAME FROM THE FACTORY WITH A PAD AND NOT A PLATE. ROUNDS COUNTER/ROTARY MAG. Necked down some .308 brass and loaded 200 gr. round nose , ran 50 rounds through and will avg. 1" 3 shot groups at 100yds. did install Leupold base and rings as well. Stock was solid for the shoot, temp. was 15 deg. too cold to be on the bench