Winchester M1 Carbine has a NEW USGI Winchester barrel that was installed this year and only has a couple magazines ran through it, the barrel has not even been broken in. As shown it is fitted in a Choate Tool folding stock with a plumbed Ultimak Optics rail hand guard system. As includes a New USGI type Overton breech wood stock and hand guard, with oiler and sling(not photoed). 6 US made 30 round magazines, 8 Korean 30 round magazines, dust covers, pouches, and various USGI 15 round magazines. MAY include vacuum packed FMJ ammo in USGI bandolier with stripper clips with some offers.

The new barrel is a new unused and unissued USGI Winchester barrel through Riverbank Armory. Has been install properly to assure good head space and front to rear sight timing. The bore the tightest, cleanest that I have ever seen on a M1 Carbine. It was well worth the investment, makes the Winchester M1 Carbine a whole new machine it seems.

Sorry no picture of carbine in wood stock. To do so I would have to remove the sight rail which I have plumbed ( in line with the sight group and receiver). You all know what a M1 Carbine looks like with wood stocks anyway. I'll take pictures of the wood stocks for those interested. Their new, in great shape.

This is a USGI made M1 Carbine, made with forged steel and all USGI or US parts(minus the Korean mags). The upgrades are the polymer with steel reinforced stock mated with the Ultkmak aluminum optics rail. No changes or modification have been made to the carbine other then changing the stocks. The wood stocks are breech and by Overton. Changing the stocks can be done in minutes. The the Ultimak rail can be used with the wood stock. With the new USGI barrel it is very accurate. The optics rail and polymer folding stock are great enhancements to this carbine. This is not a soft steel Universal or other brand production. Loaded with modern HP ammo the .30 carbine is an excellent round in a small package

No import stamps, all new springs, all parts fit well, barrel passes head space on GO. No rust, Parkerizing is in good shape. Normal wear, no damage. NO CASH VALUE HAS BEEN DETERMINED ON THIS FIREARM AT THIS TIME.

Only reason I'm considering trading this firearm is that it isn't as condusive to left handed rifle shooting as other platforms.