I have a total of 6 boxes of nearly impossible-to-find Federal HST 9mm ammo for sale. Four boxes are 124 grain and two are 147 grain. These boxes have been climate-controlled and HST is the best handgun ammo made.

Unfortunately, in the current crisis we face, this ammo has not been available at retail for over 2 years and will likely not be again for at least another 2 years. You can't buy this at local retail at any price. If you find it occasionally on the Internet, it's at a price at/over $1.40/round (plus shipping.)

I have these 6 boxes for sale at $45/each. That's under $1/round and there is nowhere to buy it for less. For someone who wants all 6 boxes, I'll sell them at a total of $260. Please....no requests to buy at a lower price. I'm foolish to sell these at this price but I no longer have a 9mm and these boxes are space in the safe that could be used for something else. No trades. Cash only. I can meet you anywhere inside I-465 or within 5 miles outside of it. First come, first served.