This is my savage 111 7mm rem mag. Bolt action with mods and accessories: Blackhawk adjustable bipod /w swivel, Grizzly Gunworks clamp on muzzle break, Tactical Works cheek rest w/ zipper pouch and loops to hold 8 aditional cartridges, Cabelas 'Muzzelloader' scope 4-14x40 with homemade sun shade and for the obvious a modified stock which I like alot.

My apologies for the bad lighting in the picture, the paint is not as bright or vibrant as it may appear to be. It is an ultraflat, pasty tan as it should be.

Sale will include nearly 100rds of ammunition(actual count is about 97rnds) and ammo can.

Also will include all my empty brass if you're into reloading

Cash only and a bill of sale will be filled out (not optional)

Price does not include the time and materials spent on modifying the stock, I am letting that go fro free.

I really dont wanna sell it, especially the more I stare at it but I have some medical bills that are more important right now.

Would like a fast sale!!

I check my email frequently

You can also text me (507) five seven three - 2171