This pistol is new for 2013, and we have our first shipment! Almost as accurate as Ruger MKIII Target, it has aluminum barrel shroud which makes it lose about 50% of the weight, so it is very comfortable to shoot off hand. A perfect cross between a light plinker and a superbly accurate competition pistol.

Both "Anodize Black" and "Cobalt" are available.

See my review here:

Ruger product page:

This is an FFL transaction - NICS check will be performed. Taxes are extra.

FAQ - PLEASE READ! I am not going to respond to questions that are covered here!

Q. I am interested in your gun. Is it still available?
A. If you see this ad, most likely. The firearms are reserved for pickup on my web site, by making an appointment to buy. Someone could be doing it right now, and first person to reserve the firearm wins. Go to -> FAQ -> How to buy, read the requirements, and make the appointment on the site. If someone has made it just before you, I will notify you within a short time (usually, an hour), otherwise - see you shortly.


Q. How do I buy?
A. This is a dealer listing, NICS check, taxes, etc are all required. Please go to -> FAQ -> How to buy, read the requirements, and make the appointment to pick up.

Q. I am interested in your gun. Call me @ xxx-xxx-xxxx
A. Excellent. Go to -> FAQ -> How to buy, read the requirements, and make the appointment to pick it up.

Q. Are there any other fees, in addition to the price and taxes? NICS, background check, etc?
A. No.

Q. What is the tax rate?
A. 9.5%

Q. Where are you located?
A. Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle.

Q. Can we meet in Burien on Monday morning?
A. No, FFL requirements are that the transfers happen at a licensed location. Also, the only times you can come over are the appointments that you can reserve on the site. No other time slots are available.

Q. I see you carry Savage rifles. Can you find me MKII FV-SR?
A. No. Please see here for what I can or cannot do:

Q. Do you take trades?
A. Sometimes. However:
a) firearms only,
b) they need to be our of current production (I can get new ones at wholesale prices), or you have to offer them to me at well below wholesale
c) I do not resell the trades, so they should fit my personal interests (which only include military as well as highly accurate, competition guns - no self defense guns like Glocks, M&Ps, XD*, and the like)
d) the exchange rate should be fair (see here for more:

Q. Is the price firm? Will you take XXX (70% of the asking price)?
A. The price is firm.

Q. Can you help me mount a scope/replace a trigger/fix a feeding problem?
A. Sorry, I do not do gunsmithing.

Q. Will you ship?
A. Yes - go to -> How to buy and read the section for buying outside Seattle area. Shipping via insured Priority Mail is $25.