This is a 1990 geo metro 3 cylinder 5 speed. Was my daily driver until I purchased an SUV to fit the kids. It needs tires and some TLC. It has a newer compressor and alternator. Has cold cold air and hot heat. It was my daily driver for about 3 years. I drove an average of around 25 miles per day. As far as running it runs fine but acts like it has a miss. I'm guessing its probably plugs or something. Drives fine though. No power loss. The interior is fair for being 23 years old. It needs a drivers side door panel and handle. Also it has a hitch I put on it several years ago. It was used to pull a little 4x6 trailer I built just for this car. It was never used to pull anything heavy. Only about 100 lbs at the most at the time.

Has just less than 200,000 miles on it.

Please email or text ONLY with your trades or offers. Bnrsurratt @ REDACTED