This listing is for a Zastava O-PAP and is not your basic WASR 10/63 ... so you don't need to email me saying it should be much less. It is made in Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia) at the well known Zastava Arms Factory and imported by Century International Arms and not in Romania like the WASR. The other key differences are HUGE...

1) It is made using an RPK receiver (as evidenced by the reinforced trunion) and has 50% more steel and is 1.5mm thick
2) The barrel is a Yugo quality hammer forged heavy barrel
3) The mag well is dimpled and able to receive in spec AK mags and not retrofitted like the WASR
4) The wood furniture is authentic military surplus and not plywood like the WASR
5) Comes standard with a Tapco slant muzzle break and not a muzzle nut

I have never shot it and have the box, manual, and 2 x 30 round magazines