Tokarev 54-1 9mm - Nice!

One of the nicer Tokarev variants I've seen. This is a Norinco Tokarev model 54-1 in the gray finish. It has a two stage safety, which eliminates the issue that some Tokarev safeties had with inadvertently going into safe while firing. The safety is easily disengaged with the normal flip of the lever, however, to go into safety you have to push in the bottom of the lever at the same time you flip it over to safe. It's the only way the safety will engage.

I picked this Norinco up recently and I don't know much about it, only that it is a model 54-1 in 9mm with the import mark: A.C.C. INT'L/INTRAC, KNOXVILLE, TN 54-1 9mmx19. The grips on the gun were stippled by the guy I bought it from.

The overall condition is good, which can be difficult when picking up a Tokarev or variant. These were basically the 1911s of the Com Bloc and are so simple in design it is amazing! You can take these down faster than a Glock to clean and maintain.

With that said, I know nothing else about this gun. I do not know the round count and I have NOT shot this pistol. I can tell you that it feeds, cycles and ejects properly as tested with both dummy and live rounds.

I want $199 cash money for this very cool Tokarev, but since I'm reducing the price to way below what it's worth, I'm ONLY GOING TO INCLUDE THE GUN, THE BOX AND 1 MAGAZINE AT THAT PRICE. If you want the extra set of brand new Tokarev flat grips and two more brand new magazines that I just got in last night, it will cost you $250 for everything.


Please stop trying to offer me these ridiculous low dollar amounts for this gun. ANY FUNCTIONAL MEDIUM TO LARGE FRAMED 9MM PISTOL IS EASILY WORTH $200! Unless it is a Hi-Point of course.

I'm always in the market for some gun stuff so I will trade for the following:

Other 9mm or .380 compacts such as Ruger LC9, Beretta Nano, Kel-Tecs, etc.

I will also trade for a complete AR upper. That's really about all I need in the trade department.

I work live in Puyallup and work in Renton. Those are my two meet locations.