Very nice Walther PPK/S. 4 mags, two holsters (IWB and OWB), original case and manual. Rosewood grips. Just not using it. Not looking to sell but more a trade for a few specifics things:

-AR upper flat top- preferably 18-22" free floating barrel. Have a lower I would like to build (no front sight gas block).
-Sig P220
-Sig 9mm
-Colt Python (more of a dream, I know)
-Berretta 92FS preferably Onyx or M9 in like new condition
-HK 9mm or 45
-Remington 700 SPS in .308-
-Mini-14 preferably in SS

If you think I'm a little light, I have ammo to make up the diff-no cash-kid in college-repeat: I can only pay in ammo! Keep in mind though this comes with 2 holsters and 4 mags which are HARD to find. Also, this is the SS rust. I'll through in some .380 ammo no matter what.

So, if you have something above, shoot me an email.

Obviously you must have a permit.