Rare Palm Tree version, shoots great, uses 32 auto ammo.

Rare, sent to Morocco, as a security police gun. Not many made.

Some of these pistols were also sent to the Kingdom of Morocco (المملكة المغربية … Al-Mamlakah al-Maghribīyyah) to arm the Moroccan National Police Force (Sûreté Nationale du Maroc) and Royal Military Police Force (Gendarmerie Royalé du Maroc). These were marked on the right side tang of the frame behind the grip with a Crescent over a Pole sometimes referred to as the Palm Tree by some collectors.
These pistols were normally to be carried in the same holster that the Pistolet Automatique de 7 millimètre 65 genre "Ruby” used called the Etui modèle 1916, or in other holsters that were made for other European small frame semi-automatics.

Caliber: 7.65mm Court, 7.65mm Browning, .32 ACP
Magazine Capacity: 9 rounds

TRADES? Might take a cheapie double barrel, or pump 12 gauge and cash. or?


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