This is a VERY, VERY Rare; Low Serial Number 003xxx, 5.56x45mm/.223 caliber Gwinn-Bushmaster ArmPistol. It accepts 20 or 30 round AR-15/M-16 magazines; either metal or polymer. (Pistol comes with one 20 round magazine.) Pistol grip and trigger group swivels 40°s left or right, in order to fit up against your forearm, for left or right handed usage and to expose the front post and rear v-notch sights. This particular pistol has its original AR-15/M-16 hard plastic/Bakelite grip and is in 99% + condition (it is all original, with no modifications. This unit is obviously used and shows some minor wear). Also, located on the butt end of the upper receiver is a sling attachment. The original design was intended as a pilots’/aircrew members’ survival weapon and was to be mounted in/on the back of their seat in airplanes and helicopters. This was intended to afford a pilot or aircrew member a larger weapon than just a small six (6) shot revolver if downed. There were 3 variations, this is one #2 with car flash hider NAM rubber bag AR-15 style safety on the left rear of the lower receiver; and an AR-15/M-16 magazine release button is located on the right lower receiver. Please NOTE: There is NO shoulder stock on this firearm; therefore it is classified as a semi-auto pistol.