Selling my 1915 New England Westinghouse M91 Mosin Nagant rifle. This one has the more desired curved top logo, with eagle crest. Barrel and receiver are Westinghouse along with rear sight block. Rear sight spring and cocking knob are Sestroryetsk. The extractor is Izhevsk. The bolt connector slide bar and buttplate are early Tula. The bolt handle is Remington. The rifle is a Finn matched gun, receiver, barrel and bolt handle match. The import mark is a small CAI on on the barrel near the muzzle. The bore looks great. The muzzle is counterbored about 1/4 inch or so.The stock looks like a very early Russian one piece stock with what looks like a circular 1898 stamp on it. Still has a bunch of cosmo in the bolt and chamber that needs to be cleaned out. Stock is a bit rough. Old and has some handling scratches, dings and dents. I will include 2 boxes of low recoil 46gr training ammo with the sale in case you have a petite person you would like to introduce to shooting. If you would like a very easy to work on, very cheap to shoot, American made rifle that has seen action, this is it. $400 FIRM

**Also, I bought a all matching Westinghouse Mosin bolt off Ebay for $77, I will let go with the rifle for $50.
**Would consider trading for a Swiss K31 + some ammo, or a Swede M96 + some ammo since I don't have any, or maybe an SKS. ***
Located for pick up in Westminster, MD.
Will need to see your drivers license to verify you are a Md resident. You assume responsibility that you are legally able to own this rifle. Thanks for looking.