This is a Bohica Arms .50 BMG UPPER ONLY, It attaches to a standard AR15 lower turning it into a .50BMG rifle in less than a minute. The price is such, as it includes all the ammo I have for it. It is new never fired, comes with about 400 rounds of assorted types of .50 BMG ammo. I bought it when I lived on the east coast, recently PCS'd to Ft. Huachuca and am currently in the process of PCS'ing "moving" to korea where this can not go and im sure not paying for storage for 2 years. The bluing is a little worn on the top of the muzzle brake I think from the way it was leaning on the inside of the safe. Anyway, .50 BMG and 400+/- rounds of ammo for $1,650 OBO. Upper alone retails for over $1,350 plus shipping and has over an 8month wait on shipping. You WILL NOT find a .50 at this price with this much ammo anywhere. This is priced to sell fast as I don't have the time to sit on it. Make me a REASONABLE offer, I just might take it.

I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DENY SALE TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON. OWNING A FIREARM IS A SERIOUS MATTER BETTER LEFT TO RESPONSIBLE ADULTS. I WILL NOT ENTERTAIN SALES TO THOSE THAT SEEM OF QUESTIONABLE CHARACTER NO MATTER THE PRICE. But to everyone else, feel free to contact me with questions or offers. No trades considered, firearms cannot be shipped overseas so I can't consider trades of that nature and no others interest me.