For sale:

Ruger Mini-14GB rifle in .223 caliber (5.56 NATO). Hardwood stock. Green nylon carry strap. Semi-auto. Safety. Clips included.

Stainless steel
GB (government bayonet) lug
bird cage style flash suppressor

Works great! This rifle is a lot of fun to shoot at the range. Two clips included (one 20 round and one 30 round). The licensed dealer who I bought this rifle from several years ago told me he purchased it from a law enforcement auction (this was the "go to" tactical rifle found in most SWAT-type patrol cars before the AR-15 became popular). Google it.
The agency was selling all Mini-14s and moving to the AR system.

The Mini-14 employs a heat-treated receiver and a version of the M1 rifle locking mechanism with a self-cleaning, fixed-piston gas system. It has a simple, rugged Garand-style breechbolt locking system, with a fixed-piston gas system and self-cleaning, moving gas cylinder. It is essentially a smaller version of the M-14. If you've ever used an M-14 or Mini-14, you know how smooth the action is.

There are some dings and scrapes on the wood stock, (but there are NO marks on the metal parts of the rifle) likely caused by the mounting bracket from the car it was mounted in. It is a beautiful weapon. Normally you can only find the blued "rancher" version without the GB lug. I RARELY see this model at gun shows. Check your favorite website; odds are there are only a few of this model (and often none) listed for sale at any one time. Why hassle with blued when you can have easy-to-maintain stainless? This would make a great Christmas present for a range shooter. I bought it as my Christmas present to myself several years ago.

$750 or best offer. Questions are welcomed.

Sorry, no trades.

Must be 18 or older. MS residents only for cash and carry sales. Sorry, it's the law. Buyers from another state must have me transfer the weapon to my local licensed gun dealer, who can legally ship it to the buyer's out-of-state licensed dealer. Check with your locally licensed gun dealer for details.