Hey everyone,

22lr Bulk ammunition, Norman Oklahoma, REDACTED (text only please)

I've got four (4) boxes of 22lr Remington HP golden bullet 525 bulk packs that I am wanting to trade (2100 rounds of this). I also have 2 boxes of Winchester 555 Copper plated HP 22LR as well (1,110 rounds of this). These are brand new and are fresh. I would like to trade them for a cheap little 9mm, or 22lr pistol. I would consider other calibers as well, i just prefer the 22 or 9mm. I know its kind of an odd request, but i know these boxes are hard to find, and I have been wanting another "knockaround" gun for a while. No, Im not expecting glocks or springfields, but I wouldnt mind at all jimenez, lorcin, hi point, or others like that. I am willing to trade all or some or some plus cash on my end for them. It will really depend on the gun itself. I really want semi-autos, but would consider revolvers as well.
My cell is REDACTED so please TEXT ONLY and we can try and make a deal
Before you ask, yes I am willing to sell for cash but would prefer trade. Mainly because if I sell them for cash I will have to sell for what they are currently going for on the market, which is unnecessarily high. But it is your call. Im reasonable on trades and price, so please be reasonable on offers of all kinds. I also have 9mm ammo i could trade instead or in addition if interested.
Thanks all