the Aimpoint comp M4s is NOT included, unless you want to pay additional for it..., I dont need to sell this, just thinking about getting a different weapon possibly. I waited 6 months to get this Quentin Defense Army lower receiver with matching upper.

Quentin Defense Army Lower receiver (army logo)
Quentin Defense upper receiver
Rainier Arms 12 inch evolution hand guard
ALG ACT trigger
JP reduced power spring kit, for a lighter trigger pull
Magpul STR buttstock
WMD guns Nickel boron BCG
BCM Medium charging handle (black)
Daniel Defense CHF Light weight 1:7 14.5 barrel
BCM A2x extended flash hider Pinned and welded (by Rainier Arms)
BCM low pro gas block (dimpled and installed by Rainier Arms)

included will be 3 new in wrapper magpul mags, or 3 E-Lander steel mags; 30 rounders.

I got the upper and lower and wanted to color fill but when i went to take off the paint from the logo it took off the finish.... so I sent it to WMD guns and JUSt had it (the upper/lower/hand guard and ejection port door) Nickel Boroned and a top coat of Burnt bronze which normally costs about $400 but i had a 50% off coupon :D.
UPDATE 8/18/2013 (sunday) I took it to the range for the first time, zeroed it and fired 90 rounds through it, functioned flawlessly, no jams etc.. the benches there were carpeted so it didnt get any external wear.. very fun

This would be a great weapon for an Army Veteran or current Army personnel, it has never been fired or taken anywhere.

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