This is by far one of my favorite firearms. This is for the big boys that can handle shoulder firing the 7.62x54R round.

This 1944 M44 is in excellent condition. I no longer have the original stock however the composite stock it is fitted with fits and feels great when firing.

The firearm has been very well taken care of with a great bore. It has amazing accuracy and is a fine piece of history. This design was originally made to deal with the urban warfare environment of late WW2. It is essentially a shortened version of the Mosin Nagant series of scout sniper rifles. It has surprisingly low recoil given the power of the round it fires. The muzzle bloom when firing heavy ball ammunition is also rather impressive!

The firearm has it's original bayonet still attached and the spring is still very tight.

I will include 200 rounds of ammunition along with the stock sleeve and sling shown in the picture. I also have two stripperclips and the original sight tool to include.

As part of the deal if you would like to fire the weapon before purchase I can accommodate the request. Fire one of these and you will never want to fire another rifle again. The accuracy is simply amazing and the power behind the massive 7.62x54R round is pure adrenaline.

I will accept any reasonable offer or trade. Email or text REDACTED