Kansas CCH Class or CCW
Lunch included, No Range Fees or hidden cost
Cash / Check Accepted

Saturday September 21st 8AM - 4PM
Sunday September 22nd 8AM - 4PM

Saturday September 28th 8AM - 4PM
Sunday September 29th 8AM - 4PM

Saturday October 5th 8AM - 4PM
Sunday October 6th 8AM - 4PM

Located at 6621 S. 127th St. E Derby, Ks 67037

Certified CCH Instructor
NRA Instructor

By completing this class you will then be eligible to apply for your Kansas Carry Conceal License through the Attorney General's office.

The class covers CCH law, Use of Force, Basic Marksmanship, Care and Maintenance, Weapon Selection, Holster Selection, Methods of Carry, Self Defense, and Interaction with Law Enforcement.

There is a written exam along with a shooting test. You don't need to worry about either test as I give you everything you will need to pass them both during the 8 hour course.

I have no minimums on my classes and will NOT cancel them because I don't have enough people for the class. One person is all it takes.

You can bring your own pistol for the shooting portion along with 50 rounds of ammunition. I recommend using a .22 however any caliber is accepted. If you don't have a pistol yet I have a .22 Rugger that you may use. it is free to use my pistol If you bring ammo with you (it shoots .22 long rifle) or you may purchase ammo from me for an additional $5.

If you have any questions or to sign up call, text, or email me at