Favorite Super Rare, bakelite stock - AKs RED SIDE FOLDER, semi-auto AK type rifle, caliber 7.62 x 39mm. Serial # CS LA CA (with 3 40-rd magazines) an original pre-ban AKs (AK-47) rifle. Super RARE, thumb button release, side folding metal stock assembly. This rifle features the scarce and very desirable red fiberglass furniture and hidden cleaning tools concealed inside stock. Chrome bore. This style of AKs was one of the last versions imported by Norinco prior to the 1994 assault rifle ban. It is estimated that less than 400 total of this model were ever imported into the US prior to the ban, which disallowed several features, one of them being the folding stock. These (Norinco 56S-2) rifles were all manufactured by the Norinco which was the commercial side of the Chinese State Arms factory which produced the very best AK rifles. Made with threaded muzzle, and with the bayonet lug like the milled "Legend" versions. A rare chance to get a premium, highly collectible, pre-ban AK-47. REDACTED