well, with christmas coming i'm looking to sell my mauser sporting rifle. it's based on a german made small ring 98 mauser action. rear sight is a williams appeture sight. it's a very trim, fast handling rifle. i used it for several years for bear hunting and was very confident carrying it. my favorite load shot consistently at an inch and a half or less at 100 yards, and i had no issue ringing the gongs at 200 yards. the bore is correct, not oversized like the sweedish mausers. the action cycles like butter. heck, even the bottom of the bolt knob is checkered! barrel measures 23" to the receiver, 24" total end to end.

it comes with a custom 4 cavity NOE 368 280gr fn mold that has only cast around 100 boolits, a set of hornady dies, over a box of speer 270 gr bullets, and 18 rounds of ammo loaded with my favorite load. (load data is on the box) i have a few more pieces of brass around here that i would just throw in with it. the stock looks to be refinished. the bluing is excellent. i have not gotten to shoot any of the cast bullets from this rifle.

the only wear is on the bow of the trigger guard from hunting.
i'm asking $700 for the rifle and the entire lot of accessories. IF YOU DON'T WANT THE MOLD, I'LL DROP THE PRICE TO $625. please feel free to ask any questions or for more pics. i might be interested in partial trades, but i need cash for christmas. i am looking for either a 93/95 mauser action or a 98 turk action. (or entire rifles). i might be interested in a partial trade of rifles in odd cartridges, project rifles, etc. make me an offer, the worst i can do is say no.

i figured my price as follows: rifle $500, dies $50, mold/top punch/lyman size die $100, bullets $25, brass/ammo $25, grand total of $700