Really nice condition Ruger Red Label with 28" barrels and original set of choke tubes and choke extractor as well as the box. Bought this gun brand new a few years back and have not shot it a whole lot. The wood on the stock is beautiful as you can see in the pictures. as far as condition, the gun is almost perfect with the exception of a hairline crack on the part of the stock attached to the barrel. You can see this in the photo, its hard to notice and doesn't appear to compromise the structural integrity of the wood. It is very sturdy and was likely a factory defect, not from mishandling. Ruger may even cover this under warranty if you look into it, their customer service is very good as ive been told. i haven't had the time to look into this though. There is also some wear at the break of the gun, but hardly noticable (ill send picture on request as i could only upload 3 photo to the listing). this gun has been well taken care of. Please let me know if you want additional info or more pictures. i can send much higher resolution pics as well. i understand this is an investment so i want you to know what you are getting. Thanks.