For Sale or Trade: Romanian Trainer Model 1969 .22 caliber bolt action rifle. Also known as a Romanian M69.

* Rifle is a very good shooter, very accurate
* Rifle is very clean and in good condition
* Rifle is dated 1980
* Has 25, 50, and 100 meter "tangent leaf" rear sights
* Comes with SEVEN "5 round" clips that all work (2 original and 5 aftermarket)
* Comes with "original" cleaning kit in stock
* Comes with replacement swivels
* Comes with "original" sling

Seen several at the last antique arms show, all $200 and up with just one clip. Seen several more at the last Novi show, all $160 and up, again with just one clip.

So me asking $260 for everything is a pretty good deal.

$160 for the rifle with a clip minus the sling and cleaning kit is the lowest I seen it at any show. Then add in 6 more clips which the lowest I seen at any show was $22 each (for aftermarkets, not originals) equals $292 (plus tax from most of the dealers).

Low ballers emailing me some BS story will just be ignored.