Browning Hi-Power FN 9mm by John Inglis.
This is a 6T serial # John Inglis Browning Hi-power, manufactured in June 1945.
When the Belgium factory of FN fell to the Nazis, the blue prints for the Browning Hi-Power were smuggled out to Canada and the John Inglis company began manufacturing them for the Commenwealth forces as well as the Chinese. The pistols were only produced between February 1944 and October 1945 before operations were moved back to the recently recovered Belgium factory. This is the Mk1* Commenwealth version

As far as I can tell the original finish is intact, All serial numbers are matching on the frame, slide and barrel. Proof marks for Canadian Army behind the trigger guard. The Barrel grooves are bright and shiney, the overall finish of the gun is scuffed. Comes with 2 magazines however they are not the originals.