Up for sale is my fun as hell Tec-22. I just recently installed a brand new firing pin and have one extra cocking handle screw which retains the firing pin. Original 30 round magazine is included. 1 x 28 thread adapter is installed which allows a muzzle brake or suppressor to be mounted. I bought this gun not too long ago but am a college student needing the money for this semester. This is definitely a fun toy to plink around with. Plus it uses Ruger magazines so if you already have a 10-22 like I do, the magazines are fully compatible. Ftf sale only with bill of sale.

- Complete Intratec 22
- 1 new cocking handle screw
- 1x28 thread adapter
- (1) 30 round original magazine
- original gun case and users manual

No lowballers
Contact me only via cell phone. REDACTED. NO EMAILS.