This is an extremely rare, 100% legal open bolt carbine. Developed and manufactured in small numbers from 1964-68, patterned around the M3 Grease Gun and used genuine Thompson 1928 wood stocks in their construction. Made by the Eagle Gun Company, which operated out of Stratford, Connecticut. The Eagle Mark I, followed later by the Mark II version, were the first of several open bolt carbines to be manufactured and sold in the 1960's. These were followed by the Spitfire, the Apache and the Commando Carbine which appeared in the early 1970's. All were semiauto carbines that fired either .45 ACP or 9mm pistol cartridges using surplus Thompson, M3 or Sten magazines. The Spitfire's and Apache's were later banned by the ATF and reclassified as "machine guns", in effect making the already rare Eagle Carbine one of the only legal versions of this type of firearm. This is a very early one, under 100 serial number, in great condition and fun to shoot. Comes with two mags. I would hang on to it if I could, but must sacrifice to fund other toys. Price includes shipping to your FFL.