VEPR 7.62x54r (same caliber as rpk machinegun, Dragunov sniper rifle, mosine nagant etc)
This potent round is ballistically similar to a 30-06...so yes: youd have an AK that hit like a freight train.
I purchased this Vepr in an unfired condition for a project...Im very pleased with the result, now its time to fund the next one lol.

Vepr has had appliaq applied to handguard, stock buttstock (includedbut obviously not shown installed here) and scope mount (again included but not in this pic). Also installed trigger kit, IWI Mako grip, and CNC warrior billit side folding stock set up to accept any M4 style m8l spec adjustable stock- included is this awesome example from Magpul. I am also including 2 mags for this monster that hold 10 rounds each instead of the factory 5 rounders (also included). Youll be the only trigger finger at the range with one of these fire breathing monsters.