Robinson Armament XCR-L 5.56x45mm (.223)
EOTech 511
Magpul XTM rail covers
Magpul RVG grip
Magpul MOE grip
Magpul MBUS sights
Magpul trigger guard
YHM phantom flash hider
3 Magpul PMags in Dark Earth

This is the beginning to all the adaptive carbines. Featuring Ace folding stock, non reciprocating bolt handle, ambi bolt release, ambi selector in 60 degree action, gas regulating piston and most importantly... The ability to shoot different ammo types (and they make and sell the barrels). Super rare rifle to find.
$1600 cash without eotech, $1800 with...
Trade ideas on SCAR, Kriss, mp5, tavor, usc... or something different.