Selling a classic Model 11, this had very little use before I bought it. I completely disassembled it, cleaned it, and properly lubed it before firing it. I've only used it to shoot skeet, and have never dragged it through the woods. Serial number 4402**. The blueing and wood are great with no cracks. It has an adjustable Cylinder to Full Poly-Choke with muzzle brake to reduce recoil. You can shoot anything from skeet to slugs with this gun and its never had a problem feeding or cycling. Holds 4+1 and can easily be plugged with a dowel for 2+1 for hunting. Can hold up to 8+1 with the proper extension, but would need to have the hunting plug in it limiting it to 6+1 in NJ. NJ residents with FID cards can do a face to face transaction without an FFL, all others will pay for shipping to their FFL and any required documentation fees. I am also selling a Winchester 1897 pump if interested. Open to trades: over under, side by side. REDACTED