PRICE REDUCED: Prior listing was $700.00.

Taken for granted before they stopped being made, the Smith & Wesson 4013 Tactical Smith & Wesson (TSW) has since gained a cult following. If you aren't already familiar with this model, and you're a .40 S&W fan, I encourage you to conduct a brief internet search, and you will hear the high praises that his pistol typically receives. A phenomenal carry piece, this second generation DA/SA model has a capacity of 9+1, and features a decocking safety.

For Sale in this offer:
-1x S&W 4013TSW Gen. 2 pistol, DA/SA, bobbed hammer, decocking safety, stainless pistol with Novak [three white dot] sights.
-1x 9-round .40 S&W flush-fit magazine with finger extension. [S&W factory stamped]
-1x 10-round .40 S&W magazine (protrudes below grip frame when affixed). [S&W stamped, aftermarket]
-1x Bianchi 105 OWB holster (size 12- for this model, 4013TSW).
-1x Boyd's pistol case/portfolio (shown in pictures, behind/under pistol).
-1x 20 rounds Winchester 180 grain .40 S&W SXT pistol ammunition.
-1x 16 rounds Federal 180 grain Hydra Shok .40 S&W pistol ammunition.

New CCW license holder? This package can get you carrying an effective piece NOW. This is a used pistol, but has not been abused and shows minimal wear. I can provide multiple additional pictures to genuinely interested parties (close-ups etc.). With this pistol, S&W created an optimal carry piece, and then stopped making it. The only thing that makes me bring this beauty to market is consolidation of calibers, and .40 S&W is not on the final list of "made it" loadings [*Sigh*]. It shoots everything, and it does so accurately.

PRICE REDUCED! $600.00 for the package!

I will consider trading this package 1 for 1 for a New (or like-new) Springfield XD .45 5-inch Bi-tone or Springfield XDm .45 4.5-inch or 5.25-inch pistol, with included XD-gear, shipping case, and magazines.

E-mail me, text, or telephone between 9:00 AM- 7:00 PM [ph# REDACTED] if interested. After agreement on payment/trade terms, I will select a transfer site in a neutral, public, crime-free area. Buyer must be willing to show ID and sign a bill of sale. Military/LE/CCW holders preferred.