I have a gun collection i am looking to sell in parts or as whole or combinations. Avery wide range of cailbers and makes. If needed can take more pictures of a particular gun. All have been family guns and taken care of. Ages of gun range from 10 years to 100 dependent on which. The guns for sale are listed as follows:

Marlin model 30 as 30/30 lever action with Bushnell scope. Mint shape $550

Zabala Eiber spanish made side by side 16 gauge. Mod and full barrels. Rare and in mint shape. $675

Turkish made Mossberg 410 over under. Mint shape $600

Savage 440A over under Italian made. Mint shape $600

Ithaca skb 12 gauge semi auto 2 3/4 $400

Remington Sportsman 58 16 gauge. 2 barrels. Rare and mint shape $600

Marlin .22 rifle semi auto with scope. Good shape $200

Sportsman Cleveland single shot 12 gauge. 101 year old gun. $135

Harrington and Richards Topper model 148 single shot 410. Good shape. $150

Revelation single shot 12 gauge. Brazilian made. Rare and good shape. $200

Remington 11-48 semi auto 20 gauge. Mint shape. $500

Savage Stevens single shot 16 gauge. $150.

Please contact with any questions or requests. All of these guns fire and work very well. Price can be determined by how many you want. FTF only. Thanks