Priced to sell quickly is a rare French MAS 49/56 battle rifle in its original 7.5x.54mm caliber. Included are 5 magazines, 1000 rounds of 7.5 x 54mm French, and 4 MAS leather magazine pouches. The rifle was originally collected by my father, a WWII/Korean Vet and military weapons buff who took great pride in collecting only the best examples of 1940-50s battle rifles. This model rifle was used by the French Foreign Legion. Sold individually the conservative value of the rifle is $600, ammo $650, mags $200 and leather pouches $70, for a total value of $1520. If you've been looking for a prime MAS 49/56 you will not find a better example. Sale is FTF only, and requires two forms of ID (VA DL, CCW, or VA Voter ID), and a signed bill of sale.