Maybe I can help some of you who are tired of low ball offers or just wishful thinkers when you are trying to sell your Colt snake revolvers. Or , maybe you are tired of answering listings that are SCAMS when trying to buy and dealing with scammers. I know I am getting pissed when I reply to a listing and find out it is a scam... They get some of your personal info. each time you write them.
I am Capt. Steve and sell on GA and GB. I buy, collect and sell Colt snake revolvers all over the country. I also sell to California, Puerto Rico and Canada.
I am a FFL and one the only safe ways to deal with over the internet. We will go through your local FFL and your are guaranteed to be safe. He and I will do the transfer. If I buy, I send him your money and he ships gun. If you buy, you can get my FFL address to mail payment or credit card info.and I will ship to your FFL. Simple and SAFE..

Always have your transaction done through a licensed FFL . The ONLY safe way to conduct internet sales whether buying or selling. The ATF is here to protect you and will not help you unless it is done through a FFL. Easy to check out FFL dealers. Get zip code and name. Do FFL check with zip code on Google. Done!!
I would prefer that you write me with a list of your items to sell or buy first. Then we will speak. I really do not want a ton of calls. I am very busy and will answer email before phone calls when time is allowed.
Let me know what you are looking for ,either buying or selling.
I pay top dollar for Colt snakes . I buy in As New or NIB and sometimes gently used items. I have most of the Snake line of Colts in stock and available for sale. Some in sets.
The photos below are only a few of what I have.
Thank You.