W-100 accepts 22 short, long, and long rifle.

Parts/project gun

Needs a new hammer (north of dallas has a few in stock, you'd need to ship it to match the part or contact another gunsmith in particular, in a different state, if not drive), the striker/spur on it is too short to hit the primer (often happens on these guns) ... I'm also looking into other forms of repair--in which case, I won't sell or might anyway but doubt it (I bought this as a project but just recently incurred more expenses/bills)

Also has a crack/damage to the receiver

Currently a parts gun/gunsmith special. Over $300 in retail value parts still on the gun and functioning,

Not in rush to sell*

FFL transfer required or chl or ID with bill of sale, open to offers/trades (one in shooting condition is at $395, last I checked--another is going for 475 w/ box *havent looked recently, that quote was from months ago in early 2013)

No sale yet though a few inquiries, offers and requests to ship directly to residence... ad will stay up until repairs are made

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