We are offering a VERY slightly used Model 700™ cylindrical action, Remington® Varmint rifles are the most accurate factory-built models we produce. You’ll be stunned by the degree of precision you get straight out of the box. The varmints won’t be so lucky.

If you value tiny groups and the big-time weather resistance of stainless steel and synthetic, consider our new Model 700™ Varmint Stainless Fluted (SF) an instant treasure. Its 26" heavy-contour barrel is fluted for weight reduction while maintaining rigidity and rapid cooling. It also has a concave dish crown that protects the rifling lands and promotes tack-driving bullet flight. There are dual front swivel studs for sling and bipod.

Key Features:
26" heavy contour barrel (0.820" Muzzle O.D.) most models, for the ultimate in long-range accuracy
Concave target-style barrel crown
Synthetic stock with overmolding
Six longitudinal flutes reduce barrel weight and increase heat dissipation
Tactical style dual front swivel stud system for convenient mounting of bi-pod and sling

This one comes with a Leupold Mark AR, 3-9 scope.
With Scope: $949
Without Scope $769