. Chinese Contract Remington , serial number range est. 11000 - 25000, over 14,000 produced starting in late 1884, around serial number 14000 the Lee Arms Co. markings were discontinued and the E. Remington & Sons markings moved to the upper left flat on the receiver, Chinese ideograms stamped on receiver ring. The Chinese defaulted on the contract in mid 1885, Remington resold the rifles after removing the Chinese markings, some rifles were fitted with a bayonet lug on the side of the barrel for a saber bayonet, front and rear sights are of the rolling block pattern. This one does not have a cleaning rod or rear sights and is missing the last barrel ring. In 100% condition it is worth about $2000. Asking $400 OBO. You should have a gunsmith inspect this rifle before firing. The reciever was nickel plated that is well worn. The rear stock is not original. I am selling it for a friend and he does not want to consider trades. All reasonable offers will be considered. REDACTED Don.