Mossberg 500 ATP 12G (Mossberg model "A" Tactical Police Shotgun) $320 OBO
This was the Original Police and Military Shotgun before the 870, M1 and 590... It was later replaced with the 590
-2 3/4" & 3" shells
-Pistol grip/stock ATI
-A second ATI pistol grip with adapter to fit 870, 1300 and 500/590/88
-5 shell holder on stock
-Maverick barrel 18.5" smooth cylinder bore
-Blackhawk Knoxx forend
-Factory wood forend (painted, not by me)
-Heat shield with sights... took it off for the Knoxx fore end to fit
-UTG Combat WEB case (holds two long guns)
$320 OBO
$275 OBO without the case
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