What is an 80% receiver?
An 80% Receiver is a partially completed piece of material that requires special tooling and skills to be completed and considered a firearm. Unlike a firearm receiver it is not required to be transferred through a Federal Firearms Licensed holder (FFL), and can be shipped directly to your house.

How long have you guys been in business?
We are currently operational in retail and pre-operational in manufacturing. We have a great hand-picked team in mind that are their eager to start working. We do not have a delivery date yet but every order will be honored in time and in the order that they were placed.

Are 80% lowers legal to buy? Will I have to go through an FFL holder?
No FFL is necessary to purchase or receive an 80% lower receiver in any of the 50 states in the U.S. Since an 80% receiver and frame is nothing more than a paperweight by law.

Sales orders for your records are available.

Raw Forged 80% 7075 AR Lower Receivers $45 each
Anodized Forged 80% 7075 AR Lower Receivers $50 each

Milling Jigs $75 each

Shipping for 1 item is $12.00 and 20.00 for most others (10-12 items max). If you think you might have shipping issues based on the size of your order, Please contact us prior to sending payment.

Please send check or money order made payable to Frederick Arms Corporation to:

Frederick Arms Corporation
3013 Third Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21234

Kevin Frederick
Frederick Arms Corporation