True Kmart special! has Kmart Corporation stamped in the barrel on the opposite side as the manufacturer, Squires Bingham. It's got it's fair share of bumps and bruises, but shoots great. It has a detachable 15 shot magazine (oh no! having this high capacity magazine in this assault weapon will probably cause this gun to go crazy on it's own and start shooting at random!) If you buy this, you must promise to keep the gun separate from the magazine (keeping the mag in another county MIGHT be safe enough) & keeping ammo buried 10 feet deep is also recommended. The gun MUST be kept locked in a safe with a trigger lock and barrel cable in place with all the keys spread around at three separate neighbor's houses, so no one person can use the gun without a system of checks and balances. Anyway, great behind the seat beater & you can test shoot it at my house if you want.