COLT AR15 SP1 model,original configuration,triangle handguards,20 in. barrel,cleaning kit in buttstock, bayonet with scabbard,owners manual, three 30 rd. "Colt AR15" marked mags., and two 20 rd. "Colt AR15" marked mags.Serial number shows date of manufacture to be 1982. Very few rounds put thru it, mostly just sat in the gun safe thru the years. $1200 firm.No TRADES, OR SHIPPING.CASH SALE,FACE TO FACE in Edmond/NW OKC.No gun resellers or dealers please.
Why not have the "real" AR, instead of somebodys
mismatched parts hillbilly put together rifle that may or may not function correctly or worth what they are tring to pawn it off on someone for.
Buy the real thing,get COLT reliability , value and quality,Colt built rifles
will continue to hold their value and be worth more as the years go by.