WARNING: if you are recoil shy , please , do not inquire , this rifle could and most likely would cause shoulder injury!

I have an old custom 1905 .500NE , now if you're reading this then you know what this is and that these can fetch up to 60,000$ , and most important you should know that If you're a jerker with recoil this thing will literally break your shoulder , so please don't inquire if you're shaky with recoil , this one was made here in America for my great great grandfather , has beautiful engravings and is in pretty damn good cosmetic shape for its age and amazing functionality condition , I had this beauty appraised a couple weeks ago and in its current condition got a quote for 6500$ so no low balling I'm just trying to see what's out there , a box of 6 rounds will run you about 80-90$ , this is a very sought after hi class African safari elephant rifle .