I picked this up in a trade and haven't even gotten it to the range, but need to fund another project so it's got to go. Overall I'd call it 90% as it's in good shape. Here's the package:

Remington 11-87 Premier in 12 gauge. 2 3/4 and 3 in. ($850 new)
21 inch barrel ($200 new)
28 inch barrel ($200 new)
2 shot extension with spring (steel construction, not plastic) ($50 new)
4 shot extension with spring (steel construction, not plastic)($50 new)
Overall the package new would run roughly $1250, and I know I've got to take "used" value and the current economics into consideration.

Items I'm willing to trade for:
Hi Lux CMR 1-4x24 scope plus cash
M1 Garand in 308
Remington 700 in 223
Open to trades, so let me know what you've got and we'll work something out.
$950 price is negotiable, so I'll entertain offers. I'll answer all questions as quickly as I can, but am usually locked away during the day so it will be early afternoon before I can respond. Thanks for looking!