IF THIS AD IS UP, THE ITEM IS STILL AVAILABLE. (Had to be listed in Rifles category since the pistol is too new for Armslist to update the caliber and action)

ALMOST NEW: IWI Israel made 7.62x39 Ace pistol factory equipped with the folding stock forearm brace that is now legal to shoot from the shoulder per the BATFE. 
Comes without the reddot sight, but otherwise has all the paperwork and accessories that came in the box.  Lots of fun to shoot, and it envokes a lot of positive comments from those that have seen it at the range.  Extremely reliable with all the cheap steel cased ammo and the Fiocchi brass also.  
$1575 in USPS Money orders only...no cashiers checks from scammers accepted.

REVIEWER'S QUOTE: The Galil Ace pistol is a great firearm. Its smooth, reliable, accurate, and (if nothing else) cool. I don’t think I’ve ever said that in a review before. Is it worth the cost of entry? I’d say yes, all day long. It performs well on the range, it would do well in the close quarters of home defense, and it will hide nicely in the trunk of your car or under the bench of your truck. And it is this compact size that is the real appeal.

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