Avguns.com Gun Point Custom Shop Proudly Presents "BLACK 9". This Outstanding Pre-86 Hk MP5 Sub-Machine Gun with AWC Mk9 Large Volume & Operator Friendly 9mm Sub-Gun Sound Suppressor. This is the Best of the Best. Built on Hk Factory Gun by Fleming with Fleming sear. Way Clean Gun with Super Low Round Count. Featuring: Treaded barrel with 3 Lug QD Mount. Factory New Custom Surefire Rail System. Factory New BETA C-MAG (1)-100 Round Twin-Drum MP5 Systems. Factory New Factory New Hk (5 total)-30 Round Magazines. Factory New (500)-Rounds FEDERAL XML9N1 124Gr 9mm NATO. Factory New ARMS / Ergo QD Custom Forward Grip. Condor 2 Gun Tactical Range Case is Logistically Proven!
This unit will provide outstanding reliability and accuracy for any tactical or sporting situation. This unit incorporates all the Hk MP5 technology.
The Hk Product line is known the world over for it’s rugged, reliable, system taking the 9mm platform to a New Level! Bid with confidence as you will not be disappointed! You are good to go! This is a Gun Point Custom exclusive Production and you will not see this packages any were on the WEB!

Note: This is a 2 Stamp Package. (2) x $200. All NFA Rules Apply

!! We will Pay Top Dollar for Legal Machine and Sub-Machine Guns !!

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In this Custom Hk MP5 "BLACK 9" Package you will Receive:

Hk MP5 9mm NATO Transferable & Civilian Legal Full-Auto Sub-Machine Gun
AWC Mk 9 Large Volume & Operator Friendly 9mm Sound Suppressor
Factory New (500) - Rounds FEDERAL XML9N1 124Gr 9mm NATO
Factory New BETA CMAG (1)-100 Round Twin-Drum MP5 System
Factory New Factory New Hk (5 total)-30 Round Magazines
Factory New Factory New (2) Hk Magazine Clamp Holders
Factory New ARMS / Ergo QD Custom Forward Grip
Factory New Condor 2 Gun Tactical Range Case
Factory New Operators Manuals & Oil

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